The Marketing Funnel – How to Visualize the Journey of Your Customers

Marketing funnels are visual representations of your customers their journey, from discovering the product and then purchasing it. It’s among the most powerful tools to aid in collecting insights, detect bottlenecks and remove those.

Traditional marketing funnels are broken into four phases: awareness, interest consideration and then consideration and finally action. These stages are modeled after the famous AIDA framework, but have been updated to reflect the current customer behavior and technology.


Marketing funnels can’t be complete without recognition. It is the first step toward a possible client or client. This is your opportunity to tell them how you operate, who you are and how you can assist them in their needs.

There are numerous methods to tackle this particular stage of the marketing funnel. This phase is approached in a variety of ways. One strategy is to provide information that is relevant, useful and relevant information to engage and educate. It is possible to do this via a variety of channels, including blogs, social media posts as well as webinars.

Another efficient method to spread the word about your brand is via direct mail. It is possible to send out postcards with fun stickers branded with your brand, and handwritten notes with the logo of your company in order to boost awareness for your organization and its products.

The use of social media allows you to communicate with potential clients and customers, as well as to help them share your products and services with their family and friends. This will help build the community of customers who are actively involved with your business, which can result in them becoming customers who are advocates for your business.

marketing funnel Marketing funnels constantly change. It’s essential that you monitor it continuously and analyse it to find out if there have been any improvement for your clients. You need both qualitative and quantitative metrics to assess whether your funnel for marketing is creating new leads and converting.

This is why keeping your customers satisfied and providing them with the items or services they require is essential to the growth of your business. It is possible to measure this by the scores of your customers’ satisfaction, churn rates, recurring revenue and the number of active customers.

Since these are data that are quantifiable but you need to be able to determine how much your visitors are engaged when they read each piece. To determine which CTAs perform best at increasing conversion rates, for instance, you could monitor the number of blog articles that contain CTAs. This will let you identify which posts perform the best in funneling potential buyers into the sales funnel.


This is an excellent time to showcase your product’s potential. The audience will look over your product and determine whether they’re interested in buying. They’re looking for the best solution to meet requirements specific to them, and yours may provide the ideal solution.

In this stage, you have to be imaginative with your writing, and convince them that your service will be worth their time and their money. You can do this with a well-crafted landing page that highlights your most impressive highlights. Also, it might be useful to create an online chat feature or FAQ section that answers their final questions prior to deciding whether or not they want to decide to purchase your service.

If you are able to spend the money, multi-channel marketing is a great choice. The phase of interest is your time to shine. Emails and social media marketing are a great way to connect with visitors again. It will also encourage them to convert into a customer. It is also important that you are able to track your customers’ development and make sure that they have a positive experience each step of the process. Ortto is a platform for CRM and Analytics that allows you to see how customers behave and create pertinent marketing collateral.


This is the time when consumers evaluate your product and make an informed decision as to whether or not it is a fit. It can take weeks or even months for customers to come to a final decision, so it’s important to help them move through this stage with helpful content and information.

Considerations are also a great way for companies to create brands’ brand recognition. The way to do this is by creating content that is relevant to their target audience, for instance giving samples or free trials.

Brands can nurture prospects with email, targeted content and case studies in this stage. This is a great way to educate potential customers and help them understand what the brand can do to solve the issues they face.

Another way to increase your conversion rate at this stage is to get existing customers to share their experience with family, friends and business contacts. This is among the most effective ways to boost repeat sales which could result with a greater average value for orders (AOV).

A well-designed and efficient marketing system is crucial for your company’s growth. However, you should remain flexible in your tactics. When the world of the internet changes and the way consumers interact with each other becomes more sophisticated, you might realize that your approach to marketing also requires changes.

Create more effective campaigns that guide potential buyers through the purchasing process from the awareness stage to advocacy. The ability to target your users is based on previous actions.

If someone is familiar with the name of your business They might be following your social media accounts or join an email mailing list. You could also listen to podcasts. It is possible to map these connections to determine the level at that they are and then target them with messages in line with their stage.

For more tips on developing your funnel, take a look at our blog post How to Determine the Marketing Funnel you are using. In it, we will discuss different types of marketing funnels and how to implement them successfully. We’ll also provide ideas for creating an effective plan that can increase the conversion rate of your business and increase revenue.


Conversion funnels help you visualize your customers’ entire journey. They can also show you which customers are more likely to convert than others.

Conversion funnels can be an effective tool for measuring and optimizing your online marketing campaigns. Examining the efficiency of your funnel will aid in improving your visitors’ experience, and increase the sales.

Marketing funnels are an ongoing project. It is essential to continuously enhance your approach to stay ahead of the changes in the needs and expectations of your intended audience. Engage your potential customers and make them more likely to buy through this method.

This is a vital stage in the journey of a customer, as it lets you establish trust and connection with your target audience. This also allows you to build an excellent relationship with your prospects so that they are more likely to make purchases from you to come back in the near future.

At this point where you draw customers for your products or services through advertising and other forms of marketing. It could include social media posts, blog articles, and other online methods.

In certain situations it’s possible to employ strategies for offline marketing to get in touch with new prospects. This option is great when your audience is within a specific region or has a distinct group of people.

As an example, if you’re a food blogger who sells cookbooks, you may use your blog to draw potential buyers who are looking for recipes. Then, you can use your newsletters via email, as well as other means to appeal to potential buyers to convince them to purchase.

Important to consider that every conversion you make will benefit your company. A high conversion rate means that your site is receiving higher traffic and is not costs you. It also means that your visitors are spending longer time on your site and surfing through many more pages.

The analysis of the Google Analytics report will enable you to monitor your conversion rates at each stage of your sales funnel. These reports can be utilized to evaluate if the funnel is successful.

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