The Sorcerer’s Apprentice  The famous magician Merlin was born in England in 740 AD. Balthazar Blake is Merlin’s master along with Veronica Gorloisen and Maxim Horvath. He’ll be able to determine the Prime Merlinean that is Merlin’s descendant, and the only one who is able to defeat Morgana. Balthazar has been detained in Morganians. They are sorcerers who want to free Morgana, Horvath and all of the Grimhold’s layers.

In 2000, in New York City. In 2000. Balthazar and Horvath struggle to control the Grimhold. Dave opens the Grimhold and lets go of Horvath. The other students ridicule Dave because they believe he was seeing the magical. However, he later discovers that the store is closed and that it is mistakenly diagnosed with “glucose inadequacy”. Dave keeps the rings.

Dave is now twenty years old and is an twenty-year-old Physics student at New York University. Dave is twenty years old and an undergraduate student in Physics at the New York University. Balthazar eventually agrees to let Dave quit the Grimhold. Balthazar locates the Grimhold and takes it to Chinatown in Chinatown, where Horvath is granted Sun Lok the next Morganian. Dave falls in love with Becky in spite of Balthazar’s suggestion. Becky impressed him by performing ” Secrets” from OneRepublic with the Tesla coils that he was playing with.

Horvath employs Drake Stone (a young Morganian magician) to assist him in winning back the Grimhold. Becky changes her mind and goes back to her underground subway laboratory in the midst of Drake and Horvath try to take out Balthazar.

Horvath liberates the witch Abigail Williams, and uses her as an instrument against Becky. Horvath takes Abigail Williams’ magical focus and pendant focus, and threatens Becky with murder. Horvath activates the Charging Bull statue and orders to hit Balthazar. Dave then arrives and stuns Horvath. He then connects the Tesla coil to Balthazar’s car. Balthazar’s falcon flees away with the bull. Morgana attempts to kill Balthazar with her Rising Spell. Balthazar is killed after Veronica is able to intercept a bolt that was intended for his use. Dave then creates a larger Tesla coil by using the power lines of the square and lamp posts to gain control of her, and utilizes plasma shocks to re-energize his heart. Balthazar is reunited with Veronica. Dave and Becky kiss before heading off to France for breakfast on Balthazar’s Eagle.

Horvath wears his hat from Balthazar’s store in an episode that runs through the credits.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice (2010) ศึกอภินิหารพ่อมดถล่มโลก

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice2010

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