Gloria Bell

Gloria Bell

Gloria Bell , a middle-aged divorcee Gloria Bell lives in Los Angeles.. Two of her children live with her: Anne who is a devoted yoga instructor, and Peter who is a married man who is uninspired, who cares for his son’s infant when his wife is away. Gloria loves dancing in the nightclubs of the city in the evenings. Gloria Bell HD

Arnold is a divorcee who is also present and quickly gets to know her. After a short time they begin a relationship. Gloria is irritated when Arnold admits that he is still supporting his ex-wife, Gloria as well as their daughters who are extremely demanding and unemployed. Arnold owns an Paintball arena and introduces Gloria.

Gloria presents Arnold as well as her family members to Peter’s birthday celebration. They are joined by her kids, Dustin, and his wife. Gloria is unaware to her family members that Anne is expecting in toasts. The father is a Swedish waverider and Anne is planning to move to Sweden. The news was not noticed by Dustin. Then they look at photos of their family, including ones of Gloria and Dustin’s wedding. The photos are fun, however, Arnold isn’t recognized. Dustin is angry that Arnold wasn’t present for the photo shoot and the other guests are shaken from their stupor. Everyone is searching for Arnold until Gloria discovers that he’s absent. Gloria leaves embarrassed.

Arnold calls her numerous times and then finally calls her when she’s about to leave to work. Arnold tries to justify his sudden departure by claiming that he been looking for her eyes, however, she mentions her daughters’ phone calls and advises him to “grow together”. She attempts to give him his paintball guns returned however he is unable to accept. She then drives off with the guns.

Gloria is a crazed neighbor who has left marijuana on her doorstep at night. Gloria then smokes it and dances around with it. She is elated at her daughter’s maturation and drives Anne to the airport in order to collect her for her flight to Sweden the next day. The doctor informs Gloria that she’ll need prescription eye drops to keep her vision.

Gloria is finally able to answer Arnold’s phone calls and they plan an excursion to Las Vegas. He’s settling into his bedroom when he receives an email from his daughters. They inform him that their ex wife was injured while walking through the sliding door. Arnold is unable to cancel the trip, and they go on sexual relations that night. They are spending their time together eating at fine dining establishments and relaxing by the pool. He doesn’t listen to his daughters’ demands. Gloria suggests that they have an intimate dinner with each other to Spain. Gloria accepts and Arnold puts his phone in the soup. Arnold apologizes and states that”I’ll be back in a minute however he does not return. Gloria is at the casino and inspects their clothes. Gloria drinks and has a party with random guests, gets to know an individual, and experiences an hallucinatory sensation. She awakes in a chair by the pool, and her shoe is not there. Her mother rings to bring her home.

Arnold frequently calls her and she immediately unplugs the phone. She attempts to dispose of the paintball guns, but eventually locates them. She drove to Arnold’s home and fired silently at him. His ex-wife and daughters scream obscenities from the street. However, she doesn’t seem to care and goes off laughing about ” Total Eclipse of the Heart”.

Vicky is a friend’s daughter begins playing “Gloria” at the reception for the wedding. Gloria refuses to dance however Vicky encourages her to reconsider her decision. She dances and soon gets absorbed with the beat.

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